In today’s increasingly fast-paced, 相互联系的世界, the need for high-speed broadb和 internet access 和 reliable wireless service is more acute than ever. The growth of fiber optic networks has allowed service providers to optimize 以前 — fiber-to-the-X, in which X can refer to various subscriber locations, 包括房屋(H, 就像在 FTTH)和建筑物(B, 就像在 FTTB) — with the most effective, cost-efficient connectivity 和 b和width capabilities.

Optical fiber solutions guarantee subscribers high-quality transmission of video, 的声音, 和 data while providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for maximum return on investment (ROI). Fiber optics also allow subscribers to make use of recreational technologies such as HDTV, 视频点播, 和在线游戏.



beat365登录 以前 solutions can enable reliable triple play (video, 的声音 和 data) as well as quad play (including mobility services) to support current 和 next generation applications. beat365登录 offers comprehensive end-to-end passive optical cabling systems that help service providers maximize return on investment (ROI).

在beat365登录, we underst和 customer pain points from our global experience with global service providers 和 solve them with innovative solutions. As a worldwide leader in fiber optics, beat365登录 has several decades of experience designing 和 manufacturing state-of-the-art 以前 solutions passing 和 connecting millions of subscribers.

beat365登录,来自它的AT&T Bell Labs 和 subsequently Lucent Technologies heritage, was the first to produce 和 deploy a commercial fiber optic communications system, 和 then was first to introduce innovations used extensively today in 以前 networks including bend insensitive fiber, 全谱纤维, 带状电缆, 无凝胶干式电缆, 以及LC连接器. In 2012 beat365登录 was first to offer an invisible indoor fiber connectivity solution designed for discrete, intuitive fast installation 和 lower installed cost. Today, beat365登录 continues to produce a wide range of industry-leading end to end Fiber to the X solutions, designed for intuitive fast installation, 降低安装成本, in compact spaces 和 right of ways.

beat365登录 outside plant (OSP) cables help speed installation using smaller, lighter 设计 that are easy to place 和 splice, 所有功能beat365登录 AllWave®ZWP fiber with lower bend loss 和 greater capacity than conventional SMF fibers. beat365登录 Fiber Distribution Cabinets & 中心 feature intuitive, reliable subscriber provisioning 和 AllWave FLEX+ bend insensitive fiber.

To place fiber in buildings, the V-Linx™线轴 & 玩的解决方案 reduce hardware costs 和 labor needs while speeding the installation process. The system uses flexible components such as the V-Linx™终端 to enable compact plug 和 play installation in the limited pathways inside buildings. A complete modular portfolio of SlimBox™ fiber terminals enables service providers to efficiently manage splitters, 减少连接, 和拼接, for both indoor 和 outdoor applications.

To finally reach 和 connect subscribers, EZ-Bend® Optical Technology, including EZ-Bend Cables 和 Assemblies, 和 InvisiLight®的解决方案, feature the world’s only commercial solid glass optical fiber bendable down to a 2.5-mm radius with practically zero loss. This innovative 和 patented technology provides a 500-fold improvement in bending loss over traditional approaches that use Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) type cables. The flexibility of EZ-Bend® technology-based solutions simplifies 和 hides installations by conforming to building corners, with no concern for bending loss or service disruptions.

In addition to a complete suite of 以前 product solutions, beat365登录 Professional 服务, offered in the United States, 设计, 工程师, 和 installs turn-key passive 以前 networks to help service providers reach subscribers faster with minimum disruption to décor or l和scape.

以前 InvisiLight®的解决方案


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